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13 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Short haircuts for thick hair seem harder than it is because with the weak amount of hair that you sport any hairstyle is easier to make. You could go for natural curls or even short layered hairstyles. All these short hairstyles look great and support any face shape and skin colour. The most flattering part of having a hairstyle for thick hair is that it looks even better when you leave your hair to fall naturally after styling.

Hair texture plays a big role in choosing your hairstyle, therefore learning more about your hair texture will naturally let you select the best hairstyle that can complement your hair texture.

Thick hair textured women are lucky in this matter, most of the hairstyles are goes well with thick hair. While this isn’t the only factor when choosing a haircut for yourself, there are other conditions you need to consider such as face shape, the length of your hair, color and so on.

Short haircuts are lately making a huge comeback, we can see them around much more recently. It is easier to use haircut compared to long haircuts, in terms of required time to look after it, washing, drying, daily shaping, almost on every step. In this article, we are aiming to provide you with short haircuts that is complementary for women with thick hair.

Wavy Layered Bob Haircut

Both attributes in this haircut complement each other very well. The layered cut allows the highlighted colors to flow on the wavy pattern of this hairstyle. The thickness of her hair is what allows this natural, messy look. Overall, when all of the pieces come together it combines into a flattering hairstyle for thick hair.