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17 Pretty Medium Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Every woman admires and dreams of having straight hair. If you have quite a long hair and are not ready yet to chop it off, then medium length is the best option to start with. Medium length straight haircuts enhance your beauty, and the look can make you look effortlessly chic. Here are the top 17 straight hairstyles for medium hair that are incredibly stunning.

Straight hair is the elegance in the form of hair. It is also the most universal hairstyle, even more, if you have thin hair. Because of the nature of thin hair, this hairstyle is regular for them. This doesn’t mean that thick hair women can’t achieve straight hair, with the help of some products and hair straightener or blow dryer simply they can have straight hair too.

The size of this hairstyle is what makes this hairstyle so versatile that it can go with many different touches of details. From bangs to edges of the hair, to color from shape everything is possible on a medium length haircut, the limits are in your hand be wild.

In this article, we selected a few examples of how pretty straight hair looks on a medium-size hairstyle if you are considering getting a new cut you may find some hairstyles that you may like to get.

Layered Long Bob Haircut Side Swept Bangs

A good representation of a middle length hairstyle is a  long bob hairstyle. it can be suited to many different hairstyles with only simple little touches added. Like in her example, the side-swept hair in the front. While it looks gorgeous, it also gives her a cover that provides a perception of narrower face shape.