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18 Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles to Spice Up Your Looks

Without a doubt, short pixie cut hairstyles are very popular in recent years. This amazing hairstyle managed to be popular about 8-9 years ago and since then, it is preferred by millions. There are dozens of reasons why we can recommend these amazing hairstyles for you. However, getting rid of boring and time-consuming haircare routine is one of the main criteria why most women prefer these hairstyles.

Short pixie cut hairstyles can look amazing on all women regardless of their age. If you are planning to look amazing with your new hairstyle, then you should not miss your chance to take a look at this article.

Here are some of the best short and pixie cut hairstyles you can prefer right now! Take a look at this amazing list I have compiled for you and pick your new hairstyle.

Shaggy Pixie Cut

This is one of the most commonly preferred models that can look appealing in mature women. You can keep the front parts shorter depending on your preferences and taste. In addition to this, this haircut may not look as appealing as it is now when you prefer it with dark hair colors. However, it will provide an authentic look as well.