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12 Genius Hair Dye Tips You Need to Know

What you should be careful about while you are dyeing your hair at home? Tips for hair dyeing at home and the points to consider after dyeing.

What to be careful about during hair dyeing:

  • Since the sun exposure, perm, hair care creams and previous hair dye applications can affect the result and time of the current hair dyeing, you should test your hair before each dyeing application.
  • Always keep the dye on hair as long as the test indicates. Never remove the dye before it changes the color of your hair. Otherwise, you will cause unexpected regional color changes in your hair.
  • If you do not want the dye to get smeared on your face or neck, you should apply Vaseline on the hair lines of your face and neck. Since Vaseline is air tight and impermeable, it is really effective for preventing the dye from coloring your skin.
  • If your hair is long or thick, use two boxes of the hair dye that you have chosen. It is important for each hair to absorb the dye thoroughly, to dye your hair completely and homogenously and to obtain a vivid color.
  • In order to use the obtained color after you dye your hair, you should rinse your hair after swimming in a pool or sea. If the chlorine and sea salt is left on the hair for too long, your hair may lose its brightness.

After hair dyeing:

  • The shampoos for dyed hair makes your hair color to look softer and more natural. Regular shampoos can remove the dye from your hair and it can cause your hair to lose moisture.
  • To replenish the moisture and brightness of your hair, apply deep care at least in every two weeks regularly.
  • After you dye your hair, using a low pH hair conditioner will protect your hair and allow it to obtain its natural softness and brightness.
  • As your hair grows, by using a hair color activator, you can dye your natural colored part of your hair according to the dyed part.
  • After you clean your hair with shampoo, do not always dry it. Do not rub it or do not wrap it. Do not blow-dry your hair excessively. Doing these will cause your hair to lose moisture and look luster.
  • Never comb your hair while it is wet. Use a wide-teeth comb and start from the tips and move to the roots.
  • Mineral water protects your hair from the harmful pool chemicals.