15 Fabulous Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas

Some women cannot give up on their hair color. In general, ladies with dark brown hair color feel more stressed when they need to make a radical change. However, did you know that you can keep your hair color and still make a radical change? If not, this article is what you are looking for.

I have compiled some of the best dark brown hair color ideas for you. After all, it is still a change even you will only change the shade of your color, right? In addition to this, I believe that you are going to adore the following hair color ideas a lot.

Now let’s stop wasting time and take a look at these amazing dark brown hair color ideas I have compiled for you. Do not forget to leave a comment to mention your most favorite image!


Ladies who want to have a dark hair color but do not want black can prefer this amazing shade. It is almost as dark as the black color but a few shades lighter than regular black. If you want, you can prefer lighter shades at the tips of your hair just like on the image. The best part of this hair color is you can prefer any hairstyle or haircut with it.