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23 Best Celebrity Hairstyles for Short Hair

We all look up to celebrities as style icons and wonder how they style short hair. Bringing to you styling solutions for every face type. Dive in now to discover the best range of vibrant colours, highlighting trends and versatile short haircuts that will put you center-stage and getting lots of positive attention in this year!

Short haircut is always a little bit bolder move compared to staying long or mid-length. It was about the time short haircuts was making a return in the trends, most of them are new interpretations of the old hairstyles. Although going short hair is a hard decision you don’t have to get into it without any knowledge, as there are many examples of the celebrities either current hairstyle or past with short haircuts.

There is an unlimited combination of haircuts, that includes, layers, bangs, curls, waves, choppy bobs, angled cut, fringed lobs, etc. there is plenty of examples to choose from when you are going for a haircut.

The celebrities in this article that you’ll see today are going to be our examples, so they can spark some inspiration for your next short haircut.

Pixie Haircut

It is even a bold move for short haircuts where some part of your hair is trimmed. The return of this is huge, first, it is noticeable everyone you know will notice it and compliment on it. Second, it is distinctive with each hairstyle, detail, texture and face shape the result will be different.