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Best Pimple Cream for Getting Rid of Acne

You can get rid of your acne with the recipes that you can prepare at home. Here is an acne cream that you can prepare at home…


2 glasses of rose water

1 sliced apple

2 egg whites

Half a dessertspoon of lanoline

1,5 spoon of barley meal

1 spoon of diced celery

1 spoon of diced fennel


Boil water, put a bowl above the water in a way that it does not touch the water. Cook the rose water, apple, celery, barley meal and fennel in the bowl by stirring. When it becomes a mash, add the egg white and lanoline. Strain the mixture and whisk until it becomes homogenous. You can apply this cream, which you can also store in the fridge, on the acne.