They Said It Was Eczema But It Turned Out to Be Pubic Lice

6 year old child’s eyes’ redness and itching was mistaken for eczema, but the real diagnosis was sickening.

According to Daily Mail’s article, a 6 year old was diagnosed with eczema after his eyes were red and itchy. When the itching did not go away even after the child used the cream that was prescribed by his doctor, his eyes were examined more closely. After these examinations, it was revealed that there were thousands of pubic lice on the roots of his eyelashes.

It is known that pubic lice spread through bed sheets and towels among children. The doctors realized their mistake and immediately started the pubic lice treatment and saved the child’s eyes from itching and redness even if it is late.

Since the pubic lice that spread to eyelashes usually nest deep in the tissue, they are commonly mistaken for conjunctivitis and eczema. It was also stated that this lice are usually observed on the genital area and it is rare for them to spread to facial hair and scalp hair.