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Mothers Who Gave Birth on Tuesday, ATTENTION!

British scientists gave bad news to the mothers who gave birth to their babies on weekends, according to the results of their research…

British scientists did a research on the relationship between the day of the week of the birth and fatality. The results of the research showed an interesting data. In this research led by British scientists, which includes more than 1,3 million babies born in various hospitals in England, it was showed that in every 1000 birth happened in weekends, 7 babies lost their lives. The research showed that in every 1000 birth happened in weekdays, 6 babies lost their lives.

Fewer personnel

The reason for the higher death rate in weekends is thought to be related to the fact that fewer doctors and fewer health personnel work on weekends, compared to the weekdays. It was noted that this research, which had its results published on “British Medical Journal”, raised questions about the care standards of hospitals during weekends.

High rate of infection

Researchers stated that the rate of infections in mothers and the rate of injuries in babies are higher on weekends than weekdays. One of the researchers, Prof. Will Palmer, put emphasis on the need for more investigation on the subject. Another research that was done in September has shown that the patients who were treated on weekends have a higher risk of fatality in a month than the patients who were treated on weekdays.

Fewer deaths on Tuesdays

On the other hand, scientists of Imperial College London stated that if the daily death rate would be same as Tuesday, the day which has the lowest number of deaths, annual number of deaths would decrease by 770 people.