Why Shouldn’t We Kiss Our Baby’s Feet?

A lot of people kiss their babies on their feet to avoid damaging their sensitive skin. But kissing the babies on their feet may be dangerous for them. Here are the harms of kissing babies on their feet:

Kiss babies on their forehead or cheek

Babies should not be kissed on their feet. If you kiss your baby on its feet, it will abnormally feel precious, which leads to jealousy. These children feel discomfort when the parents are interested in other siblings. The fear of losing attention is commonly observed among children who were abnormally cared and loved.

Children should not be kissed on their necks. This causes hypersensitivity in the child. Children should not be kissed on their lips. It is not hygienic. The role of kissing on the lips is really high in the infections that are transmitted through breath.

The best place to kiss a child is the forehead and cheek. Being kissed on the forehead is good for the child. It creates the feeling of pureness, innocence and honesty, along with courage.

Children can also be kissed on the cheek. While the child is being kissed, the head should not be held. If the frequent kissing creates the feeling of pleasing others, it disrupts the personality development of the child. Child should not use kissing as a tool of pleasing others.

Besides these, the children should not be kissed on their genital areas. This is a necessity for them to learn privacy and protect themselves from sexual abuse.